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Tighten joints, mend legs, repair chips, cracks and breaks.
Recolour, revive, re-wax, re-polish, reupholster, re-cane,
re-rush, remove stains, scrapes, scratches and scuffs.
Splits and spots and scorches !

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French Polished Surfaces


Structural Repairs

With the passing of time, from it`s construction onwards, antique furniture will inevitably require maintenance, repair and renovation due to the adverse effects of accidents and day to day wear and tear.

Often a piece will have developed a number of different problems over time, which may or not be related.

So whether you have a table which now has black and white ring marks on it`s surface from wet -bottomed glasses and vases; or a cabinet with long lost drawer knobs, replacements for which would be turned on a lathe, Lazarus Restoration has extensive experience in providing solutions to these problems and many more in a highly sympathetic manner. The need to preserve as much of what is original is paramount. Wherever possible, traditional `hand` techniques and methods are employed.    

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