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Why restore antique furniture?

The myriad of different problems that can occur with antique furniture, is almost as diverse as the range of different pieces that time has bequeathed us. Lazarus Restoration has undertaken work as far apart in both style and time as a mid seventeenth century oak chair to a Danish teak sideboard from the 1960s.

Lazarus Restoration has built up an extensive bank of skills and experience as a result, and today can provide a service which is an amalgamation of what were traditionally three separate trades : the French polisher, the cabinet maker and the upholsterer, in one complete, one-stop restoration shop.

There has never been a better time to invest in antique furniture, with outstanding value to be found in the market, which in turn has made restoration a much more viable proposition to the buyer.

`New` furniture by contrast, is usually relatively expensive, inferior in quality, lacking in all that makes antique furniture special : individuality, provenance and character, having little if any re-sale value, and often only destined for the landfill site.     

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